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The MANDATE of NESRC is to be a centre combining serious intellectual pursuits with involvement with persons and groups active in social change in the region.

In the context of ethnic and political conflict, it is to provide a platform for groups in conflict to meet and search for solutions and not itself find solutions for them. Given the size of the Northeast with its seven States, NESRC is to be a node for encouraging intellectual and activist pursuits in the whole region. Instead of centralising work in Guwahati, it is to help smaller units to evolve in the rest of the region. ..

Founded on 1st March, 2000.

News, Studies & Events

CONCEPT NOTE : Call for Papers: National Seminar on Conflict and Coping in North East India: The Role of Memory

Seminar 732 Peacemaking in the Northeast.

Call for Papers: Seminar on Role of Religion in Peace and Conflict Processes in Northeast India. Send in your abstracts by: 20th September, 2019 to:
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Recent Publications

Melvil Pereira, Jyotikona Chetia, H. Witting Mawsor, Kyntiewbianglin Mawsor. 2020. Reviewing Norms, Reforming Practices: The Lyngngams of Meghalaya. pp. xiv+211.Rs 250, USD 15, Euro 10 PB; Rs 500, USD 25, Euro 20 HB.

Melvil Pereira, Jyotikona Chetia, Edmond Lamare, Pynhunmiki Susngi. 2020. New Aspirations, New Approaches: The Jaintias of Meghalaya. pp. xiv+226.Rs 250, USD 15, Euro 10 PB; Rs 500, USD 25, Euro 20 HB.

Melvil Pereira, Jyotikona Chetia, Jekap Halam, Jaya Rupini. 2019. Changing Contexts, Changing Customs: The Halams of Tripura. pp. xiv+228.Rs 250, USD 15, Euro 10 PB; Rs 500, USD 25, Euro 20 HB.

Melvil Pereira, Anuprova Ghose, S. Thangboi Zou, Ronica Vungmuankim. 2019. Ingrainged Tradition, Changing Practices: The Zous of Manipur. pp. xiv+252.Rs 250, USD 15, Euro 10 PB; Rs 500, USD 25, Euro 20 HB.

Erik De Maaker and Menal Tula (eds). 2020. Unequal Land Relations in North East India: Custom, Gender, and The Market. pp. ix+178.Rs 150, USD 10, Euro 8 PB. Buy Online

Meenal Tula and Kusumika Ghosh (eds). 2021. Women and Peacebuilding: Perspectives from the Field. pp. xvi+186.Rs 150, USD 10, Euro 8 PB.

Walter Fernandes, Kusumika Ghosh, Jasmine Mushahary, Garrol Lotha, Nungchim Casimir Tijaansha. 2019. Landscape of Conflicts and Peace in the Northeast: The Role of Religion. Rs 200, USD 15, Euro 12 PB.

Walter Fernandes (ed). 2019. Power and Powerlessness: Mainstream Media and the Northeast. pp.v+106. Rs 100, USD 8, Euro 6 PB.

Z.K. Pahru. 2010. Viable Education for the Tribals: A Poumai Naga Perspectives. pp. xvi+174.Rs 120, USD 10, Euro 8 PB.


Date : 2 September 2019 Article name: In Fighting for NRC-Excluded, Rights and Aspirations of Assamese People Cannot be Ignored.
By: Prof. Walter Fernandes

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