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Displacement Studies Series

Uprooted for Whose Benefit? Development – Induced Displacement in Assam 1947-2000

ISBN: 978-81-922349-4-6
Author: Walter Fernandes, Gita Bharali
Year: 2011


Progress: At Whose Cost? Development – Induced Displacement in West Bengal 1947-2000

ISBN: 978-81-922349-5-3
Author: Walter Fernandes, Shanti Chetri, Satyen Lama, Sherry Joseph
Year: 2012

Book Name

The Development Dilemma: Displacement in Meghalaya 1947-2010

ISBN: 978-81-897625-6-8
Author: Walter Fernandes, Veronica Pala, Gita Bharali , Bitopi Dutta
Year: 2016


The Teesta on the Run: Development – Induced Displacement in Sikkim 1975-2010

ISBN: 978-93-822161-3-1
Author: Walter Fernandes, George Thadathil, Bitopi Dutta
Year: 2016


The Challenge of Development: Displacement in Nagaland 1947-2010

ISBN: 978-81-933761-5-7
Author: Walter Fernandes, Bokali Chishi Mughavi, Medonuo Pienyu, K. Alibo Achumi, Mhonthung Yanthan, Thejanuo Fidelia
Year: 2017


Displacement and Marginalisation in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana 1951-2010

ISBN: 978-81-938785-3-8
Author: Walter Fernandes, Nafisa Goga D’Souza, Palla Trinadha Rao, Arundhuti Roy Chaudhury, Mohammed Asif, M. Gopinath Reddy
Year: 2019


Inclusive or Unequal Progress? Development – Induced Displacement in Goa 1965-2010

ISBN: 978-81-953024-3-7
Author: Walter Fernandes, Savio Abreu, Niraj Naik, Simon Fernandes
Year: 2021


Ethnicity and Land Conflicts: Development-Induced Displacement in Tripura 1947-2010

ISBN: 978-81-953024-4-4
Author: Walter Fernandes, Thomas Malsom, Gita Bharali, Meenal Tula
Year: 2021


Identity Search and Security: Development-Induced Displacement in Mizoram 1947-2010

ISBN: 978-81-953024-0-6
Author: Walter Fernandes, Meenal Tula, Vanlalpari, C. Zonunmawia, Lalhruaimawii
Year: 2022


In the name of Lighting my House: Displaced for Development, Arunachal Pradesh 1947-2015

ISBN: 978-81-953024-8-2
Author: Walter Fernandes, Bitopi Dutta, Dusu Sambyo, Marge Nyori, Upasana Goswami
Year: 2023

Conflict and Peace Studies Series


Conflict Mapping and Peace Processes in Northeast India

ISBN: 978-81-922349-0-8
Author: Lazar Jeyaseelan (ed.)
Year: 2011


Teaching for Peace and Peace Curriculum in Manipur

ISBN: 978-81-922349-2-2
Author: Leban Serto
Year: 2011


Religious Resources for Peace Work

ISBN: 978-81-926062-6-2
Author: Pangernungba Kechu, Melvil Pereira, Atungo Shitri (eds.)
Year: 2016


Growing up in a Conflict Zone: Children Surviving Conflict in Tripura

ISBN: 978-81-926062-8-6
Author: Melvil Pereira, Shaunna Rodrigues, Ankita Gupta
Year: 2016


Growing up in a Conflict Zone: Children Surviving Conflict in Manipur

ISBN: 978-81-926062-9-3
Author: Melvil Pereira, Ankita Gupta, Shaunna Rodrigues
Year: 2016


Rethinking Autonomy, Self-Determination and Sovereignty: Search for Peace in Northeast India

ISBN: 978-81-897625-7-5
Author: Walter Fernandes, Bhaswati Borgohain
Year: 2017


Penning for Peace : Media, Conflict and the Northeast

ISBN: 978-81-897625-8-2
Author: Melvil Pereira, Bhaswati Borgohain (eds.)
Year: 2017


Journals of Dispute: Media, Coverage of Conflicts in the Northeast

ISBN: 978-81-933761-1-9
Author: Walter Fernandes, Bhaswati Borgohain
Year: 2017


Living with Conflicts: Possibilities of Peace- Making in the North East

ISBN: 978-81-933761-9-5
Author: Walter Fernandes, Asojiini Rachel Kashena, Anindita Datta, Grace Kamei, Jasmine Mushahary, Ratna Misha Reang
Year: 2018


Power & Powerlessness: Mainstream Media and the Northeast

ISBN: 978-81-943578-2-7
Author: Walter Fernandes (ed.)
Year: 2019


Landscape of Conflicts and Peace in the Northeast: The Role of Religion

ISBN: 978-81-943578-1-0
Author: Walter Fernandes, Kusumika Ghosh, Jasmine Mushahary, Garrol Lotha, Nungchim Casimir Tijaansha
Year: 2019


Women and Peacebuilding: Perspectives from the Field

ISBN: 978-81-953024-2-0
Author: Meenal Tula, Kusumika Ghosh (eds.)
Year: 2021


Customary Law and Changing Trends in Conflict Resolution: Eight Tribes of Northeast India

ISBN: 978-81-953024-1-3
Author: Joseph Zoliana (ed.)
Year: 2022


Sangharsha Niramoir Poromporagoto Paddhiti (Assamese)

ISBN: 978-81-922349-8-4
Author: Alphonsus D’Souza (ed.) (trans. Sujata Hati Baruah)
Year: 2012


Pathways to Harmony: The Role of Religion in Conflicts and Peace

ISBN: 978-81-953024-6-8
Author: Walter Fernandes (ed.)
Year: 2022


Inequalities as Sources of Conflicts: The Case of Covid-19

ISBN: 978-81-953024-7-5
Author: Joseph Zoliana (ed.)
Year: 2022


Conflict & Coping in Northeast India: The Role of Memory

ISBN: 978-81-960850-9-4
Author: Anurag Das (ed.)
Year: 2023

Tribal Theology Series


The Quest for Harmony: Christian and Tribal Perspectives

ISBN: 978-81-926062-0-0
Author: Alphonsus D’Souza, Yangkahao Vashum, Lalrindiki Ralte (eds.)
Year: 2013


Globalisation and Responses of the Churches (PB)

ISBN: 978-81-926062-1-7
Author: Alphonsus D’Souza, O L Snaitang, LimatulaLongkumer (ed)


Family and Clan in North East India: Reflections by Christian Scholars

ISBN: 978-81-926062-2-4
Author: Alphonsus D’Souza, Lalnghakthuami, Pangernungba Kechu (eds.)
Year: 2015


Tribal Cultural Resources for Christian Life and Ethics in North East India

ISBN: 978-81-926062-7-9
Author: Alphonsus D’Souza, R. Sashikaba Kechutzar, H. Lalrinthanga Rina (eds.)
Year: 2016

Women and Tribal Customary Law Series


Gender Implications of Tribal Customary Law: The Case of North-East India

ISBN: 978-81-316087-3-9
Author: Melvil Pereira, R. P. Athparia, Sunumi Changmi, Jyotikona Chetia (eds.)
Year: 2017


Contesting Voices, Changing Realities: The Nyishis of Arunachal Pradesh

ISBN: 978-81-933761-3-3
Author: Melvil Pereira, Sunumi Changmi, Tama Ramya, Taw Azu
Year: 2017


Grounded in Tradition, Seeking Change: The Khamptis of Arunachal Pradesh

ISBN: 978-81-933761-8-8
Author: Melvil Pereira, Sunumi Changmi, Razina Mannow, Chow Chantakong Namchoom
Year: 2018


Understanding Pluralities, Negotiating Change: The Bodos of Assam

ISBN: 978-81-933761-7-1
Author: Melvil Pereira, Junmani Basumatary, Jyotikona Chetia, Ramtanu Brahma
Year: 2017


Exploring Differences, Recording Change: The Karbis of Assam

ISBN: 978-81-933761-4-0
Author: Melvil Pereira, Dharamsing Teron, Jyotikona Chetia, Maggie Katharpi
Year: 2017


Plural Voices, Varied Perceptions: The Reangs of Tripura

ISBN: 978-81-938785-8-3
Author: Melvil Pereira, Jyotikona Chetia, Lincoln Reang, Romita Reang
Year: 2019


Changing Contexts, Changing Customs: The Halams of Tripura

ISBN: 978-81-94357834
Author: Melvil Pereira, Jyotikona Chetia, Jekap Halam, Jaya Rupini
Year: 2019


In Transition: The Mizos of Mizoram

ISBN: 978-81-938785-1-4
Author: Melvil Pereira, Meenal Tula, Lalnghakthuami, H. Lalrinthanga
Year: 2019


Continuity and Change: The Maras of Mizoram

ISBN: 978-81-938785-7-6
Author: Melvil Pereira, Meenal Tula, K. Robin, Ellen Hlychho
Year: 2019


Preserving Heritage, Exploring Change: The Poumais of Manipur

ISBN: 978-81-938785-2-1
Author: Melvil Pereira, Anuprova Ghose, Stephen Poukho, S. Monica Kaothala
Year: 2019


Ingrainged Tradition, Changing Practices: The Zous of Manipur

ISBN: 978-81-943578-0-3
Author: Melvil Pereira, Anuprova Ghose, S. Thangboi Zou, Ronica Vungmuankim
Year: 2019


Documenting Voices, Understanding Realities: The Sumis of Nagaland

ISBN: 978-81-938785-5-2
Author: Melvil Pereira, Vizokhole Ltu, A. Husca, Tovikali Yepthomi i
Year: 2019


Documenting Past Practices, Seeking New Directions: The Konyaks of Nagaland

ISBN: 978-81-938785-6-9
Author: Melvil Pereira, Vizokhole Ltu, Shongna Konyak, Konang Bangmei
Year: 2019


New Aspirations, New Approaches: The Jaintias of Meghalaya

ISBN: 978-81-943578-4-1
Author: Melvil Pereira, Jyotikona Chetia, Edmond Lamare, Pynhunmiki Susngi
Year: 2020


Reviewing Norms, Reforming Practices: The Lyngams of Meghalaya

ISBN: 978-81-943578-6-5
Author: Melvil Pereira, Jyotikona Chetia, H. Witting Mawsor, Kyntiewbianglin Mawsor
Year: 2020

Gender Studies Series


Budgeting Inequalities: The Status of Girls’ Education in Assam, 2020-23

ISBN: 978-81-960850-1-8
Author: Anurag Das
Year: 2023


Continuities of Migration: Women, Work, and Belonging in Northeast India

ISBN: 978-81-960850-3-2
Author: Nipasa Dutta
Year: 2023

Front cover

Forests and Fields of Imagined Futures: Indigenous Women and Conservation Practices in Northeast India

ISBN: 978-81-960850-8-7
Author: Nipasa Dutta and Dejna Daulagupu
Year: 2024

Tribal Studies Series


Viable Education for the Tribals: A Poumai Naga Perspective

Author: Z.K. Pahru
Year: 2010


Poumai Naga Folktales

ISBN: 978-81-933761-6-4
Author: Paul Punu
Year: 2017


Out of the Hills: Young Dimasas and Traditional Religion

ISBN: 978-81-938785-0-7
Author: Michael R. Kolb
Year: 2019


Ownership, Management and Alienation: Tribal Land in Northeast India

ISBN: 978-81-938785-4-5
Author: Walter Fernandes, Joydeep Baruah, Augustin Millik
Year: 2019


Unequal Land Relations in North East India: Custom, Gender and the Market

ISBN: 978-81-943578-5-8
Author: Erik De Maaker & Meenal Tula (eds.)
Year: 2020


Intimate Inheritance: Indigenous Women , Land and Customs in Northeast India

ISBN: 978-81-953024-5-1
Author: Meenal Tula, Upasana Goswami
Year: 2022


Changing Affinities: Ecologies of Human-Mithun Relationship in Northeast India

ISBN: 978-81-960850-2-5
Author: Abhishruti Sarma, Joseph Zoliana
Year: 2023

General and Livelihood Issues


Relations Across Borders: Communities Separated by the Indo-Myanmar Border

ISBN: 978-81-926062-3-1
Author: Walter Fernandes, Tiken Das, Zaw Gaon, Than Naing Lin, Furzee Kashyap
Year: 2015


The Poetry of Resistance: The Heraka Movement of NE India

ISBN: 978-81-897626-0-5
Author: Arkotong Longkumer
Year: 2016


An Impact Assessment of ICDS in Meghalaya: Strength and Scope for Growth

ISBN: 978-81-897626-1-2
Author: Madhusmita Chowdhury, Meenal Tula
Year: 2017


Seeds and Food Sovereignty: Eastern Himalayan Experiences

ISBN: 978-81-953024-9-9
Author: Dixita Deka, Joel Rodrigues, Dolly Kikon, Bengt G. Karlsson, Sanjay Barbora, Meenal Tula
Year: 2023

Monograph Series


Life and Dignity: Women’s Testimonies of Sexual Violence in Dimapur

ISBN: 978-81-926062-5-5
Author: Dolly Kikon
Year: 2015


Enduring Loss: Stories From the Kuki-Naga Conflict in Manipur

ISBN: 978-81-933761-0-2
Author: Asojiini Rachel Kashena
Year: 2017

The Teesta on the Run: Development-Induced Displacement in Sikkim 1975-2010

Author: Walter Fernandes, George Thadathil and Bitopi Dutta

Conflict Mapping and the Peace Processes in Northeast India

Editor: Lazar Jeyaseelan

Teaching for Peace and Peace Curriculum in Manipur

Author: Leban Serto

Religious Resources for Peace Work

Editors: PangernungbaKechu, Melvil Pereira and AtungoShitri

Globalisation and Response of the Churches

Editors: Alphonsus D’Souza, O L Snaitang and LimatulaLongkumer

Viable Education for the Tribals: A Poumai Naga Perspective

Author: Z. K. Pahru

These books can also be purchased directly from NESRC.

General and Livelihood Issues (Out of print)

Climate Change and Tribal Sustainable Living: Responses from the Northeast.

Author: Walter Fernandes and Nafisa Goga D’Souza (eds.)
Year: 2001

Land Relations and Ethnic Conflicts: The Case of North Eastern India

Author: Walter Fernandes and Melvil Pereira
Year: 2005

The Share of Children in Assam Budget: An Analysis of Allocations 2004-05 to 2007-08

Author: Pranami Garg and Madhumita Purkayastha
Year: 2008

Axom Budgetot Xixur Angxo: 2004-05 or pora 2007-08 loi Abontonorek Bislexon

Author: Pranami Garg
Year: 2008

Gender Studies Series (Out of print)

Modernisation and Women’s Status in North Eastern India: A Comparative Study of Six Tribes.

Author: Walter Fernandes and Sanjay Barbora
Year: 2002

Changing Women’s Status in India: Focus on the Northeast

Author: Walter Fernandes and Sanjay Barbora
Year: 2002

Tribal Customary Laws in Northeast India: Gender and Class Implications

Author: Walter Fernandes, Melvil Pereira and Vizalenu Khatso
Year: 2008

Tribal Studies Series (Out of print)

Traditional Systems of Forest Conservation in North East India: The Angami Tribe of Nagaland

Author: Alphonsus D’Souza
Year: 2001

Tribal Land Alienation in the Northeast

Author: U. A. Shimray
Year: 2006

The UN Indigenous Decade in Northeast India

Author: Walter Fernandes, Gita Bharali and Vemedo Kezo
Year: 2008

Land, People and Politics: Contest over Tribal Land in Northeast India

Author: Walter Fernandes & Sanjay Barbora (eds.)
Year: 2008

Conflict and Peace Studies Series (Out of print)

Search for Peace with Justice: Issues around Conflicts in Northeast India

Author: Walter Fernandes (ed.)
Year: 2008

Violence and Search for Peace in Karbi Anglong, Assam

Author: Tom Mangattuthazhe
Year: 2008

Traditional Methods of Conflict Resolution in Three Tribal Societies of North Eastern India

Author: Alphonsus D’Souza (ed.)
Year: 2011

Tribal Theology Series (Out of print)

Search for a New Society: Tribal Theology for North East India

Author: Yangkahao Vashum, Peter Haokip and Melvil Pereira (eds.)
Year: 2012

Globalisation and Response of the Churches

Author: Alphonsus D’Souza, O L Snaitang and Limatula Longkumer (eds.)
Year: 2014

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