NESRC Unveils Latest Research Findings

Embark on a profound intellectual journey with NESRC as we unveil the pages of our latest research findings. Delve into the heart of Northeast India’s social dynamics, where each revelation paints a vivid picture of the region’s intricate past, present, and future. Join us in this enlightening exploration, where understanding becomes a catalyst for transformative change, and knowledge becomes a beacon guiding us towards a harmonious future.

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Upcoming Seminar: Dialogues on Social Transformation

Mark your calendars for an event that transcends conventional boundaries—NESRC’s upcoming seminar on social transformation. As we prepare to ignite dialogues that matter, envision yourself engaging in open conversations, connecting with experts, and contributing your insights to the discourse shaping our community. Join us for an immersive experience where collective wisdom paves the way for positive and lasting change.


Book Launch Event: Perspectives on Northeast India

NESRC invites you to a grand celebration of perspectives at our upcoming book launch event. This carefully curated collection spans policy insights, personal narratives, and diverse viewpoints, encapsulating the rich tapestry of Northeast India. Join us in applauding the authors, immersing yourself in the stories, and participating in conversations that not only amplify but also celebrate the unique voices that contribute to the shaping of Northeastern narratives. Together, let’s explore the depth and diversity that defines our region.